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  • Latest News 23 Jan 2022

    My performance videos have been uploaded and more are to come! Check out:

  • Latest News

    Taichi Imanishi has been awarded a PhD with minor corrections early this year! Byakudo for shakuhachi Resumed composing 12 Nocturnes for marimba 25/11/2017 Taichi Imanishi wins second prize in the 23rd TIAA All Japan Composition Competition Taichi Imanishi won second prize of the 23rd TIAA All Japan Composition Competition in the chamber music category with […]

  • Heavenly River for Shakuhachi and String Quartet

    In the summer of 2016 I started to sketch Heavenly River for shakuhachi and string quartet after writing Echoes of Dream for shamisen and string quartet in the previous year. The composition of this piece is part of my PhD field research where I am investigating into approaches for integrating different musical aesthetics and particularly […]