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Taichi Imanishi has been awarded a PhD with minor corrections early this year!

Byakudo for shakuhachi

Resumed composing 12 Nocturnes for marimba


Taichi Imanishi wins second prize in the 23rd TIAA All Japan Composition Competition

Taichi Imanishi won second prize of the 23rd TIAA All Japan Composition Competition in the chamber music category with his composition — All Living Things Amid the Swirl of Time for Flute, Clarinet, Harp, Violin and Cello. He wrote this work while he was in Majorca on holiday in 2015. This work represents all the living creatures striving to live in a harsh climate, reflecting the state of today’s world.

Each composition submitted to this competition is given up to one hundred points from each of four adjudicators.This was the highest prize awarded this year as no first prize winner was chosen. This year the board was made up of Japan’s top composers: Aoi Takabatake, Yukio Kikuchi, Yuriko Kojima and Hiroko Matsukawa. Some of the comments from the adjudicators read “the ensemble is made up of detailed instructions and extended techniques… A very well written piece” and “the piece clearly indicates the composer’s intention”.

His sister, Chinatsu Hasegawa who is currently the pianist of a Tokyo-based duo – Merry Fulleren, was also selected for her composition in the previous year’s competition in the solo category. Taichi has recently written Heavenly River for Shakuhachi and String Quartet and the Mediterranean Blue for four French Horns.

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